Many Educational Challenges Exist for Spanish-Speaking Students

Imagine being in a school where you didn't speak the language. You couldn't communicate to ask where the restroom was located, or know when it was time to go to lunch, much less keep up with the lessons. This is the experience many Spanish-speaking children face in Greenville every day.

Watch this short video Whitney Maness, Furman University student and Furman Advantage intern with Neighborhood Focus from 2018-2019, produced about the educational challenges Spanish-speaking students face in our community. 

This is an important issue for us all to care about. We want every child to be able to feel confident in their skills at school and beyond. 

Thank you, Whitney and Lauren Dailey, elementary program coordinator at Neighborhood Focus, for sharing what these students face, and helping us all think of ways we can better support these children as a community. 

Please share and encourage others to watch this video. Thank you!