Learning to Walk This Way

Our overall theme for the 2016 Summer Enrichment Program was Walk This Way. 

During Main Session, the Launch children in 1st-4th grades learned about the way that people in the Bible followed God in the direction that was that He was leading them even if it was going to be hard to follow Him.  We learned that walking with God is an act of faith, meaning that even though it may be hard to believe and trust God sometimes, we can always remember that He is alive and He is working out His plan through us.  Because of that, we can Walk This Way and follow Him no matter what. 

During Main Session, the Accelerate students in 5th-12th grades got the chance to study two different themes.  The first was called “Me.”  Throughout this session, students learned that God loves us even when we might feel like the people around us have abandoned us or don’t care about us.  When we decide to follow God in this way, we find our purpose in His purpose, and not in our own desires and the things that people around us might think about us.  The other theme was called “Stepping Up.”  During this study, the students learned about Joshua and the task God gave to him to lead His people after Moses even when he might not have felt like he could do it.  Joshua trusted that the Lord would step up so that he could step up, and he Walked This Way as the Lord was leading him. 

Our prayer was that above all else that God would use the children and students' camp experience to teach them something about themselves, that they would come to a better understanding of who God is, that He loves us, and that He wants us to follow him so that we can show His love to the rest of the world.