The Roe Foundation has awarded Neighborhood Focus a grant!

The Roe Foundation has awarded Neighborhood Focus a grant to help underwrite the first year curriculum costs of an innovative pilot program for at-risk middle school and high school students.  Designed to keep students engaged in a quality afterschool program during their middle grades years (6th – 10th grades), The Empowerment Project is a multi-phase, long-term initiative that will help under-resourced students stay on the pathway to high school graduation and personal progress.  Students often fail to see themselves as capable until an adult comes alongside and breathes into them a compelling vision of what they could be.  We want to inspire students to be awesome and break the power of generational poverty.  It starts by eliminating bad habits and establishing discipline around healthy habits.  The goal of The Empowerment Project is to develop Christ-like young leaders with a solid foundation for future success.